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Greenwood Early Years Building 

Nursery, Early Years & Activities Block

In 2016 we put the jewel in our Eco crown with the building of our new classroom block named “GREENWOOD” to commemorate in one stroke our passionate allegiance to supporting our natural environment and the 400th anniversary of our greatest playwright, William Shakespeare.

The Greenwood, set as it is amid established oaks, sycamores, cedars, hollies, maritime and Scots pines, chestnuts and beeches, is a huge and beautiful tree house for learning, and loving to learn. With its elegant butterfly roof, designed by award-winning Dorset based architect, Adam Covell of ECA, this innovative structure has risen on 54 posts and a lightweight, elevated steel frame deck to float amid the school’s surrounding woodland. In fact, the playdeck has been built encircling a huge, flourishing English oak. It has been thrilling for the whole school community to see this extraordinary structure arise above the muddy clay puddles of winter. It will be equally thrilling now to embrace the project as a foundation for learning.

  • Co-ed provision for 2 to 5 year olds
  • Nursery to Reception
  • 6 classrooms and open-plan hall
  • Outdoor play garden
  • State of the art, eco-friendly building